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We have Schoolwide Learning Expectations of our students. A St. Albert The Great student should be:

A Christian Learner...

  • Who strives to please God in his/her thoughts, words, and actions
  • Who maintains a positive self image as a child of God
  • Who knows the importance of God in his/her life and tries to follow the teachings of Jesus
  • Who exhibits a lifestyle that displays a knowledge of basic Catholic teachings and biblical facts

A Respectful Citizen...

  • Who is tolerant and respectful of diverse ideas and cultures
  • Who is respectful of God’s creation, especially human life and the environment
  • Who makes good judgments and accepts the consequences of his/her actions
  • Who uses interpersonal skills as a member of a church, family, school, work group, and community

A Responsible Student...

  • Who completes assignments and tasks on time
  • Who evaluates his/her own academic progress
  • Who observes school rules
  • Who participates in maintaining high standards for the school’s philosophy
  • Who is respectful of his/her teacher and school staff in thoughts, language and behavior

A Life-Long Learner...

  • Who works equally well in groups and independently
  • Who sets personal goals and strives to achieve them both in and out of the classroom
  • Who knows how to research and evaluate information
  • Who recognizes when he/she needs help and is able to ask for it
  • Who learns basic skills in order to accomplish higher/advanced learning

A Problem Solver...

  • Who finds effective ways to deal with others in accordance with Christian principles
  • Who thinks critically
  • Who demonstrates the flexibility to find many solutions
  • Who observes, organizes, and analyzes to determine appropriate action
  • Who recognizes a need for change and adapts 

A Communicator...

  • Who shows the ability to communicate effectively with peers, faculty, parents, and the outside world both verbally and in writing
  • Who is able to use computer technology to collect, organize, and communicate information and ideas
  • Who is an active listener
  • Who manifests sensitivity for the dignity (“personhood”) of others






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